Fun Wedding on Hove Sea Front

bride groom and guests posting outside the beach huts in hove. Colour and black and white

Having fun on your Wedding Day

Some #weddings are just #fun, and some guests are up for posing and getting stuck in, this is when you can get some of your most creative ideas and shots, along with a little assertive cajoling that is!
This picture was taken on Hove Sea front only yesterday, the coloured #beach huts were crying out to be the back drop on this picture. I turned the background to black and white, to emphasise the colourful #bridal #party and guests.

Business Photography

Lady with brown hair smiling, whilst leaning over a red chair

Lilliana on her red chair

When in business, it is very important to have a professional photograph for your website, business Facebook page, Linked-in etc. This picture of @lilliana@theredcouch was taken recently, and shows her with a lovely engaging smile and good eye contact. This gives the person visiting your site, the opportunity to start engaging with you at this point, which increases trust, which in business is imperative. A selfie simply will not do!

Woodland Wedding

#Weddings are on my mind today. I went to see a lovely couple in Hove yesterday, and they are getting married in August, and after the ceremony they plan to a walk down to the sea front with all of their guests, what a fabulous chance to take some interesting and different types of photographs. A little like the photograph above which was taken at #DevilsDyke in the small woods there, what a beautiful day that was!

All the fun of the fair

ride at the fair, having fun, scary ride at Pride fair, 2 men

All the fun of the fair!

I couldn’t resist posting this picture of people having fun at #Pride last year. You wouldn’t catch me going up in this, no fear!

Pride Brighton 2013

Pride Brighton [parade. Prison Service officers, walking down the road ti with banners

Prison Service at Pride 2013

ride at the fair, having fun, scary ride at Pride fair, 2 men

All the fun of the fair!

Man in pink dress and Geisha costume at pride 2013

A Little bit of serenity amongst the chaos

Man in pink and leopard print costume at Pride 2013

Taking a well earned break

Pride, 3 people dressing y up at Pride

Having a fabulous time at pride

Two ladies in rainbow hats and coloured beads at Pride

Ladies enjoying themselves at pride.

colourful dresses , two ladies as fairy and Godess

Beautiful Fairy and Goddess!

It is that time of year again and PRIDE is ON!
These are some of the lovely photos I took of the fabulously friendly people at @PrideBrighton last year, all having an amazing time in the #sunshine, and it looks to be a good one again this year, so get out there and have fun at #Pride !!!

Pop Up Studio at First Friday Lewes

Business net-working, groups of people gathering to talk about business and get business in Lewes

Business net-working at The White Hart Lewes

I had a very successful day yesterday @1stFridayLewes #business #net-woking event, hosted by @swebstrategy at The White Hart in #Lewes.
It was the first time I had put up my mobile photographic studio there, and the response was great. A number of business people came and had their business portraits taken for £30, and I have a list of people for the next event.
A pop up studio is great way of getting to know people at these events, and also a professional and cheap way to get your long awaited, and often ‘put off’ portrait of yourself, suitable for your website, business cards, Linked-in, Face book etc etc.
A selfie in the business world on your website, really doesn’t cut it any more!
So come along to the next event on 5th September.
Also big thank you to @laurenpsyk for helping and supporting me.

Susan Beckingham Sussex Copywriter

Lady in peach top with blond hair, posing for a studio business portrait

Business photograph of Susan Beckingham

I really like this business studio portrait of Susan, she does indeed take a really good photograph. This portrait is ideal for websites, your Linked-in page, Facebook and Twitter. A good professional engaging business photograph, is an essential now in todays world of business.
So, on Friday 1st August, at The White Hart Hotel in Lewes, I will be offering my services for business photographs at the business net working event. I will be there from 12.30pm until around d 3pm, so please drop in to net-work, and have your photograph taken.
I will be setting up my portable studio in the County suite, and you will be able to have your photograph taken for £30 for 2 fully edited images of your choice.

Lavender Fairy

Small girl in lavender dress behind the lavender

Little girl in a lavender dress

I captured this image yesterday at an Albanian wedding just outside London. The torrential rain stopped, and the garden was beautiful, and this little girl kept dancing around with joy in her pretty dress…..soooo sweet!!