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Business/Commercial Photography

Seeing the bigger picture for your business.

At Epic Storm Photography, I work with those who need high quality business portraits, product shots or promotional images. Whether you’re a sole trader or running a large company, my aim is to portray you, your staff and what you offer in a way that best reflects your business and core values. /p>

You’re the boss. The promotion of your brand is down to you and you alone. And you DO have a brand: it’s the image that you choose to portray to those reading your brochure or your website.

Customised business photography offers you total control over the thoughts and emotions that your business portrays; that’s a big deal, as most “next step” decisions on a website – to contact you or to purchase your products – spring from how people feel.

Commercial Website Photography

Your future customers are making many sub conscious decisions: Who is this person? Does he seem trustworthy? Is this what I’m looking for? You could answer these questions with images, as well as words. And you should answer these questions quickly.

Remember that you have a matter of seconds to make an impact. An inappropriate image could provoke a “bounce” back to the search engine results pages. No images on your website? What are you hiding?

Your Return on Investment from commercial photography

Customised photography will be a greater investment than stock images. However, savings now could have a greater cost later, not least in the perceived value of what you offer. Good quality images = customers who will spend money on your services, wouldn’t you say?

Business portraits,

team images or products – whatever it is you need, give me a call or contact me here.