Creative Photography

Something Different

Unique, striking images for your wall, a frame – or for whatever you like

It’s not easy to put a name to this category of my work, but I’ll try: arty? abstract? creative? Excuse the pun but hopefully you get the picture.

I’ve always loved art and have been making things for ever, at least as long as I can remember. I have a sharp eye for colours and shapes and strongly believe that photography goes further than just an image – it is, and should truly be, art. It’s all about form and texture and seeing something that others don’t.

I love being able to develop my skills further and to push or blur the boundaries of traditional photography to produce something truly stunning. I also adore to capture images of Brighton and Hove, the seafront and all the stunning architecture that makes our City so striking. And so popular. We live, after all, in a very photogenic part of the world do we not?

At Epic Storm Photography, my skills have expanded to focus on the unusual, whether it be images captured in a reflection, the rays of the sun through an open window, or a random object not seen literally and which is only partly revealed in abstract shapes and angles.

Pictures of Brighton’s locale and its locals, irregular yet striking images of a merry go round, the joy and celebration that is Brighton Pride.

All my images within this category are for sale so don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like one…or even two or three to hang on your wall. If you make cards, talk to me about purchasing my images. And, if you’re after something totally unique, I’d be delighted to discuss bespoke photography work.