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Photography for the LGBT community in Brighton

If you are part of Brighton and Hove’s thriving Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender community (LGBT for short), then you’re a key part of what makes our city really great. With an estimated 13% of the folks living here being gay (just how do the experts know this?!),

Brighton is often referred to as the “gay capital of the UK” . And, did you know for example,
that Brighton had the highest number of civil partnerships in the UK in 2011? .

I love Brighton for its laid back, tolerant attitude to practically everything, for its annual Gay Pride Festival and vibrant “alternative” culture. Nowhere is the progress towards equality more evident than Brighton and I, for one am proud of that. I hate discrimination in all its forms and dislike intensely that some judge others based on their gender identity – it simply doesn’t make sense.

I’m a big supporter of the LGBT community so if you and your partner would appreciate some photos that demonstrate your love for one another, I’m your woman. If you’re planning or civil partnership ceremony or, I’m delighted to report, your WEDDING, do give me a call. I’d like to step up to the mark as your photographer, please! I’m happy to work with couples with celebrations of say less than 50 guests.

I’m told that people love me as a wedding photographer because I’m assertive enough to get the photographs you want without rubbing people up the wrong way; also, I love capturing the emotion on people’s faces, how your wedding guests interact with each other and above all – the love you feel for your partner.

Since I’ve been in Brighton I always take photos of the joyful explosion of colour, style and sassiness that is Brighton Pride so if you’d like me to take some “official” ones of you there, don’t hesitate to contact me. You’ll be able to purchase the pictures you see on my site, too. If you’re part of the LGBT community, I’d also love to photograph your event, birthday celebration or anniversary party. Anything, in fact.

Love, enjoyment, and the preservation of happy memories: none of these things discriminate. And neither should we.

Give me a call to discuss what you’re after.