What Happens on a Photo Shoot?

Studio Photography in Brighton

Not sure how it works?


Your choice. Unlike many photographers, I have a comfortable, non-scary photo studio in Hove. Don’t worry about the light gauges and those funny looking umbrella things in the room – It’s fully equipped and has everything we need to make you look your best.

I’m also happy to travel to whatever location you need, however: your home, for example.

What Should I Wear?

Whatever you like. For a business portrait, something smart would be good but this depends on your profession. Portrait photography is you from top to toe, not jut a head and shoulders shot so don’t skimp on your bottom half!

Setting the Scene

What image, literally and figuratively, do you need or want? How would you like your target market or your family and friends to see you? Let’s set some objectives before we start.

What Should I Bring?

Bring props, a change of clothes (or two), whatever you like.

Anything Else?

Don’t arrive tired or hungry (especially children). Comfortable means happy. Don’t worry if you don’t feel 100% at ease to start with, few people are budding models after all. One of my skills is bringing out the real you so just relax and enjoy yourself.


I’ll edit your images using all the jiggery pokery that you’d expect from a professional photographer. My work isn’t about fakery, though. We’re talking subtle editing, not air brushing. You’ll be invited to make your choices from a private online gallery and there will be plenty of options from which to choose.

Ready for your close up? Glad to hear it – call me or send me anĀ email.