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Portrait Photography Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

in Brighton and Hove If there was a fire, what would you rescue from the flames first (apart from your family)? Of course, it would be precious photographs of your loved ones. Running Epic Storm Photography is a great privilege as I get to do something I really love: I take pictures of people. I aim to capture the essence of someone and to bring out the best in them or in the people they care about the most. My services cover all needs: individuals, couples, families and small or large groups. If you’re pregnant I’d love to take your picture (find out why here) and I’m very good with capturing images of babies and children, too.

What Happens at A Photographic Session?

What’s the worst thing about having your photograph taken? I guess it’s mainly…having your photograph taken and yes, I understand that you may feel a bit awkward at first. Don’t! I promise that I’ll put you at ease and that it will be a relaxing, enjoyable experience. I read people very well – even my most initially reserved customers have been delighted with the results. You can read some client testimonials here, in fact. I’ve got excellent attention to detail so if a hair is out of place or you have a speck of dust on your jacket, I’ll tell you! If you need to stand up straighter, you’ll be hearing it from me – nicely, of course. As an experienced photographer, I want you to be the best you can be so I’ll gently encourage, advise and support you throughout the entire session. Epic Storm Photography covers every need, style or objective, from an exciting and loving celebration of an engagement through to photographs of you, suited and booted for your website. Keen to learn more? Give me a call and let’s get talking.